In collaboration with our partners - Advance Marine & Logistics Pte Ltd, a reputable Singaporean corporation and Vanrig Oil Products Limited in China.

Almoner is Ready, Willing and Able to enter a supply and installation contract with any indigenous and capable companies for the Mini Refineries with different capacity to be located in a water front, in the Niger-Delta region or any part of Nigeria.

Mini Refinery

The Mini refinery unit can be applied to Crude oil, black engine oil, plastic oil and shale oil, to produce Petrol, diesel and kerosene, as major products. The Mini Units will process a crude oil under the atmospheric distillation unit/vacuum distillation unit and catalytic cracking unit, heating with fuel oil or gas to 410 ℃. The refined Petrol, diesel and kerosene will be pumped or transferred to a storage tanks, while the residue will be saved for an industrial use or could be used as fuel for the unit.

Refinery Configuration
• Reactor: Crude Oil will be pumped into the reactor from the primary filter.
• Heating system: Powered by fuel oil or gas for the heating of the crude oil up to threshold. The unit comes with insulation system.
• Catalytic unit: Crude oil reaches the predetermined temperature, under catalytic process, then the gaseous hydrocarbons will produce petrol and diesel.
• Cooling system: Petrol and diesel after catalytic process can be condensed into liquid materials.
• Temperature control system: Control the heating and cooling process.
• Exhaust treating system: Slight amount exhaust with gas condition will be treated, can reach emission standards.


Component and Output Percentage of Final Product
Diesel Oil: Volume production is 80% - 85%,
Color standard is within 1.2 - 2.5, can be adjusted, can apply to any Medium and low speed engine directly.

Petrol: 10-15%, Standard is premium level, 90#-93#
Oil Residue: 5%.

Advantage and Benefit of Our Mini Refinery

• Production principle: Crude oil under the action of catalyst distillation to get high quality Diesel, petrol. Which Does not need to fill acid, alkali, clay to filtrate the impurities, it will be done with specified filter.
• Low Cost: Only cost USD10 of catalyst when treat 1 ton Crude oil, The total cost of processing one ton used oil only USD34(including fuel, electricity and catalyst consumable).
• High efficiency: Diesel Oil: @80% - 85% Volume production, Petrol: @10% - 15% Volume , Oil Residue: @5% Volume.
• Easy operation: The unit is safe, reliable, durable and easy to operate. Low labor intensity, 1 to 2 workers can easily operate the unit.
• Advantaged heating system: Adopt a special heating way, High thermal efficiency, Greatly reducing consumable and maintenance cost. Direct heating with fuel or gas, Economically convenient. Health, safety, environmental protection friendly.

Main Specification
• Capacity (Ton / Month): 900T / Month / Skid,
• Mode of operation: Continuous production.
• Efficiency :Above 95%( Crude Oil)
• Production Percent

Diesel: 80% - 85%
Petrol: 10% - 15%
Oil residue: 5%

Also depends on specifications of oil and final requirement, which can be blended

ALMONER PETROLEUM & GAS LIMITED would request for a LETTER OF INTENT (LOI) to process a Technical and funding offer from its Fiduciary partners for procurement of the Modular equipment with a processing volume of the Buyer’s capacity in Tons per day/year (from 200 Barrels per day to 10,000 barrels per day) units Oil refining capacity.

Cost includes the shipping, logistics and equipment (shipping will be a 40-foot containers) Shipping containers to the port of the Customer, Insurance inclusive shall be borne by the buyer.

Almoner shall perform Projects for the construction of the plant in accordance with the norms of the legislation of Nigeria (on the basis of the conditions of our company.)

For the complete set of equipment for the oil refinery and tank farm (DHW Park) Almoner shall secure from the buyer a 30% contribution of the total cost of the project as may be agreed between the parties. Terms and Conditions shall apply.


  • Crude Oil Sales and Retro-fining
  • Petroleum Products Importation and Distribution
  • Tank Farm Constructions and Management
  • Modular and Mini-Refineries Sales and Installations
  • Oil and Gas Field Development
  • Petro-maritime Consultancy
  • Civil Engineering Services
  • Buildings and Estate Development



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